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Italy Travel Articles

Travel notes and articles for Italy. Articles posted must be approved by the Admin before they are published.
Fonte Avellana Monastery (Monastero di Fonte Avellana) on the slopes of Monte Catria is a Catholic monastery founded in 979 by a group of hermits. Most of the buildings were built in the 12th century. It was an important center of learning in Middle Ages. Dante visited and described it in his Divine Comedy. The most interesting part of the monastery is the scriptorium where they produced illuminated medieval manuscripts. The beautiful room was designed to let in a lot of natural light. You also visit the Dante Alighieri Library, the church, and the crypt. Fonte Avellana is in a very beautiful and peaceful location and makes a good stop when exploring this corner of Le Marche. Location: Italy - Marche - Pesaro and Urbino - Frontone To...
The Pergola Museum of the Gilded Bronzes (Pergola Museo Bronzi Dorati) has a life size group of gilded bronzes from ancient Rome. There are two female figures, cloaked and veiled, and two horsemen, wearing military outfits on decorated horses. This is the only group of gilded bronzes from ancient Rome in existence today. They are displayed in a room on their own. Location: Italy - Marche - Pesaro and Urbino - Pergola Remember that the museum closes mid-day, from 12:30 - 3:30. We did not remember this on our visit. There is a large parking lot across the street from the museum. Website: Pergola Museum of the Gilded Bronzes The Pergola Gilded Bronzes were found in 1946, but it took until 1987 for them to be fully restored and displayed...
For this month's profile we talked to Giulia Savini whose family owns Valle Nuova, B&B and vacation rentals in Le Marche. Le Marche occupies an enviable position, kissed by the Adriatic Sea and cuddled up against three of Italy's most popular regions, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. It enjoys the lovely landscapes and Renaissance splendor of its neighbors, but despite its central locale is still relatively unknown. The low-key region has been quietly gaining a loyal following, attracted to its magnificent mountains, pastoral hills checkered with farms, friendly folks, and clean beaches. It was the combination of beauty, cultural life and rural atmosphere that lured the Savini family there in 1981. Rural Allure The Savini's had been...
Have you heard about Urbino or Le Marche but you are not sure that there will be enough to keep you happy for a whole holiday? Are you looking for an unspoilt part of Italy, but you want to be sure to have enough beautiful things to see and do during your holidays? Most people think of Urbino just as a good destination for a daytrip from their Umbria or Tuscany holiday rental or b&b, but Urbino (and Northern Le Marche) is much more than that! Northern Le Marche, the area around Urbino, is the perfect holiday destination. It features amazing art, Medieval and Renaissance architecture, hidden churches and monasteries, gorgeous unspoilt and clean countryside, beautiful landscapes, stunning hilltop-towns, artisans that use traditional...
Ascoli Piceno is a provincial capital in a pretty setting. Nestled at the foot of a few mountains which encompass two national parks, it has a picturesque valley location surrounded by hills, yet is just a short distance from the sea. Its medieval heart beats proudly and resonantly. View of Ascoli Piceno from San Marco Ascoli is a town that retains grit and graffiti. It hasn't been gussied up to attract visitors. Nowhere to be found are shop-loads of tacky tourist kitsch that are ubiquitous in more well-known towns of this size. There are regional products, of course. But the shops are here to provide services and amusements for the inhabitants. This is a place that is – above all – lived in, and comfortably so. It is a place where...

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