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Photo Hunt 2018

Post photos here for the Photo Hunt thread in Travel Talk.

Media comments

  • Jerusalem Old City Ramparts Walk
    The building on the left is the New Imperial Hotel, where my friends and I will be staying during our upcoming visit. We stayed here last Oct as...
  • In the Cotswolds with Mindy and Freda
    On this forum, I use my last name of Cameron, not Freda....because most people mispronounce my first name! :) For the record, it's pronounced...
  • Praiano Hike
    Wow! I can't wait! We will be staying at an Airbnb in Ravello in September! Looks beautiful!
  • Santa Maria di Castellabate
    We have stayed in Santa Maria di Castellabate twice....our hotel was the yellow building in the middle of the picture next to the beach. Very...
  • Megiddo National Park
    Quite beautiful. There's quite a variety of climates from arid to lush vegetation. Is there much difference in altitude throughout the country?