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  1. PatrickLondon

    Spain Barcelona for the New Year

    Barcelona for the New Year By PatrickLondon from London, England, Winter 2006 29 December 2006 - 1 January 2007. A lucky offer of a home exchange took me back to Barcelona for the weekend. This trip report was originally published on slowtrav.com. Some Basics The Easyjet flights (out from...
  2. M

    Spain Five Wonderful Weeks in Northern Spain

    By caplanco from Colorado, Fall 2011 August 30 - October 4 Caplanco and "M" traveled the northern route through Spain from Galicia to Barcelona, ending with two nights in Madrid, enjoying some great food, art, sites and beaches along the way. This trip report was originally published on...
  3. Jan55612

    Spain Barcelona Restaurants and More

    Over the last six years, my husband and I have had several extended stays in Barcelona. During the winters of 2017 and 2018, we rented an apartment for six weeks or more during the period of January through early March. There are many well-known sites in Barcelona and I will not focus on them...
  4. M

    Five wonderful weeks in northern Spain

    My husband, Michael, and I left Denver on a nonstop Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt on Aug. 29, 2011, continuing on to Madrid for five wonderful weeks in northern Spain. From Barajas Airport, we took the free shuttle to the Axor Madrid Feria (C. Campezo 4), about 10 minutes away, for an overnight...
  5. C

    10 days in Barcelona, Granada and Seville

    Trip Description: Spring 2003. 10 days in Barcelona, Granada and Seville. Background I took a whirlwind trip to Spain in June of 2001 to deliver my 17 year old daughter to a language immersion program in Malaga. We briefly experienced Madrid, Toledo and Seville before depositing her with her...
  6. Bruce Pollock

    Help Needed Small hotel recommendation for Barcelona?

    We are into the planning stage for a trip to Spain in spring 2018. Can anyone recommend a decent small hotel in/near the old centre? I'm hoping to keep it to EUR 150 max per night but realize this may be a stretch. Would prefer small, family-run type operation if possible. Thanks.
  7. artnbarb

    La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

    We've been to La Sagrada Familia twice before, and now, for our third visit, I see it possible to go up in one of two towers. According to the website, you can choose either the tower on the Nativity facade with views over the east of Barcelona, or the tower on the Passion facade facing the...
  8. Doru

    Three weeks in Spain - Spring 2002

    By Doru from Toronto, Spring 2002. Doru and his wife Josette did a 3 week trip to Spain (hotels, no vacation rentals) in April - May 2002. Introduction My wife Josette and I returned recently from a three-week trip to Spain (April 14 - May 5, 2002). We came back overwhelmed by the breadth of...
  9. Kathy (Trekcapri)

    Barcelona Apartment - Sensation Sagrada Familio

    Sensation Sagrada Familia Apartment - Barcelona Spain Rosselló, 380-382, Eixample, 08025 Barcelona, Spain Stayed: November 12 – December 1, 2016 Apartment A - 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath I booked through Booking.com I enjoyed my stay in this apartment (located on the 5th floor). This apartment was very...
  10. D

    Just Starting Planning for Trip to Spain - Travel between Barcelona and San Sebastian?

    Just beginning the work of planning a trip to Spain this spring with my son, a really great private chef, and my brother. Food will be a big focus of our trip as my son is especially interested in Spanish cooking and cuisine. Right now, we are planning stays in Barcelona and then in the San...