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  1. BryanS

    Why we love southern Italy!

    Agropoli (SA)
  2. Sara

    Help Needed Naples, Caserta, Pompeii

    I'm planning a visit of the area of Naples, Caserta and Pompeii for 5/6 days (end of April/beginning of May) with a friend. In our must-see list there are Pompei Scavi, of course, and the Reggia di Caserta. I'm planning the itinerary at the moment and I wanted to hear from you, guys, the...
  3. Aquaduct at Valle di Maddaloni

    Aquaduct at Valle di Maddaloni

    Built to supply water to the palace at Caserta
  4. Best pizza in Italy

    Best pizza in Italy

    Pizza margherita from Franco's in Battipaglia (SA)
  5. Castello di Limatola

    Castello di Limatola

    Castel that is a hotel and restaurant.