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car rental in italy

  1. NorthernExposure

    Seeking help for May/June trip to Pescara, the Amalfi Coast and Rome

    In May, my 15-year-old son has been asked to train with an Italian soccer club and play a tournament; his soccer club, based in Canada near Toronto, has an affiliation with clubs in Lazio and Perugia. This is my excuse -- as if I needed one -- to return to Italy for the first time in about six...
  2. Gina Marie

    Information Age restrictions for IDP in Italy?

    My friend and I will be in Rome for one month April/May 2018. From time to time we will be renting a car to drive to Umbria and Campania. I will turn 66 while in Italy, and she will turn 68 just prior to our arrival in Italy. She is concerned that there is a cut off age for driving in Italy...