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  1. D

    Help Needed Traveling to Amsterdam Sustainably and Solo!

    Hi all! I am currently planning on traveling to Amsterdam this summer solo. I try to be aware of my environmental impact, and I recently came across an article about ways to travel while also being cautious of my own carbon footprint. I was wondering if anyone had any other tips not listed in...
  2. Kathy (Trekcapri)

    Photo Hunt 2019 No. 4 - Souvenir

    Photo Hunt 2019 No. 4 - Souvenir What an eclectic and cool collection of fashion themed photos that are representative of the culturally diverse and fascinating countries we visit. Upcoming Photo Hunt 2019 Themes: Photo Hunt No. 5 (Feb. 3, 2019) – Group Photo Photo Hunt No. 6 (Feb. 10, 2019) –...