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  1. Jumièges Abbey

    Jumièges Abbey

    This was once a large monastery complex, built in the 11th century.
  2. DestinationAddict

    Normandy 24 Hours In Bayeux, France

    Hi guys, this is our first trip report! A bit of a quicker stop than usual for us in Bayeux, seeing The Bayeux Tapestry, World War II Graves, Normandy beach landings to mention a few things. We have been travelling through France in our motorhome and had such an amazing time in the city of...
  3. Pauline

    A week in Normandy or Brittany in June

    This is it. We are going to take our British-drive car onto a ferry and go to France. Then we will take our North American wired brains and drive that car on the opposite side from which it was intended, but which is the side of the road we have both driven on for 40+ years. That should be okay...