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  1. Pauline

    SlowTrav List of SlowTrav Trip Reports 2000 - 2014

    List of Trip Reports published on SlowTrav 2000 - 2014. With author's permission trip reports are republished on the Slow Europe Travel Forums. Reports that have been moved are marked * and linked to new location. Note that currently I am moving Europe trip reports. Other countries will be moved...
  2. Pauline

    Miscellaneous About the Slow Europe Website

    Pauline Kenny and Steve Cohen own and run the Slow Europe website. Pauline was the founder of Slow Travel (slowtrav.com), a large online travel community, which she ran from 2000 to 2007. She sold the website to Internet Brands Inc. in 2007 and they ran it for ten years until they closed the...
  3. Pauline

    SlowTrav Memories - SlowTrav Contest 2006

    Memories – of the SlowTrav Contest 2006 Note: This is a memory of our second SlowTrav contest in 2006. The Contest Drawing Our friend Connie helped us with the drawing. Last time Valerie was our helper and she was going to be again this time, but she had to cancel at the last minute, so Connie...
  4. Pauline

    SlowTrav Memories - SlowTrav Contest 2004

    Memories – of the SlowTrav Contest 2004 Note: This is a memory of our first SlowTrav contest in 2004. The Slow Travel Contest - July 2004 Our 3rd Year Anniversary contest was held in July 2004 to celebrate the anniversary of the message board (started spring 2001). This was our first contest...
  5. Pauline

    SlowTrav What is Slow Travel?

    Slow Travel is a way of travel that lets you experience a place in depth. Spend longer in one place instead of spreading your vacation time over several places. A week in a place lets you settle in and get below the surface. Create your own list of “must sees”. Take time before your trip to...
  6. Georgia & Zig

    Old Slowtrav friends from Lexington, KY

    Hello again. We haven't posted anything in a long time because we lost touch with the web site, but are happy to discover it renamed! Since our last trip report on Slowtrav we have been to Scotland, Ireland, Spain, England, Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Germany. I love researching for the trips...