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  1. Hiking at Leiterli

    Hiking at Leiterli

    View of the mountains from Stubleni.
  2. Leiterli


    Trail at the top station of the Lenk Gondola looking back into the mountains.
  3. Cows at Leiterli

    Cows at Leiterli

    Cows at the start of our hike. This one licked my leg!
  4. Lenk on a wet day

    Lenk on a wet day

    Walking along the river on a wet day.
  5. Simmen River

    Simmen River

    Walking from Rezliberg along the roaring river to Simmenfalle.
  6. Rezliberg Valley

    Rezliberg Valley

    After the long rain storm walking back to Rezliberg and Simmenfalle.
  7. View from Oberlaubhorn, Lenk

    View from Oberlaubhorn, Lenk

    Viewpoint above Langermatte (1999m) looking over Lenk.
  8. Hiking from Leiterli down to Lenk

    Hiking from Leiterli down to Lenk

    Cow scratching and tail flipping!
  9. Hiking from Leiterli down to Lenk

    Hiking from Leiterli down to Lenk

    Interesting land formations at the top of the gondola ride, Leiterli.
  10. Hiking from Iffigenalp

    Hiking from Iffigenalp

    View back to Iffigenalp valley.
  11. Walking in Lenk

    Walking in Lenk

    Walking back from Simmenfalle.
  12. Iffigenalp


    Easy trail through the valley.
  13. Lunch view at Tungelpass

    Lunch view at Tungelpass

    View of the valley that goes down to Launensee above Gstaad.
  14. Tungelpass


    Cows on the trail.
  15. Stubleni


    View down the Summerwald valley towards Lenk, from the area behind Leiterli.
  16. Leiterli


    A group of hikers having lunch on a bench.
  17. Timed road to Iffigenalp

    Timed road to Iffigenalp

    Marie and Steve as we waited for the 11:30 time slot for driving up the road to Iffigenalp.
  18. Iffigenalp


    Walking up the Iffigenalp valley.
  19. Tungelpass, Lenk

    Tungelpass, Lenk

    Two hour walk from top of the Gondola.
  20. Laubbargli to Buhlberg trail

    Laubbargli to Buhlberg trail

    Beautiful trail.