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  1. Eleanor

    Yorkshire Filey, a seaside resort

    An attractive sea side resort which is quieter than near neighbours Scarborough and Bridlington. Filey was a small farming and fishing community until the arrival of the holiday makers in the C19th. The original settlement grew up on either side of the steeply wooded Church Ravine which formed...
  2. Eleanor

    Yorkshire Bridlington Old Town, Yorkshire

    Bridlington Old Town - Away from the bustle of the harbour and beaches, this is a step back into the past. Bridlington is a town of two parts, which have grown to form a whole. Bridlington Quay grew up around the harbour. Bridlington Old Town, about a mile inland, grew up around the Priory and...
  3. Eleanor

    Yorkshire Bridlington Quay, Yorkshire

    Bridlington Quay - Tourism and the Lobster capital of Europe. Bridlington is made up of two parts. Bridlington Old Town is about a mile inland and grew up around the Priory and was the main trading centre for the area until the arrival of the railway in the mid C19th. Bridlington Quay is the...
  4. Eleanor

    Yorkshire Pickering, North Yorkshire

    I’ve always liked Pickering. It is a small busy market town on the A170 which is the main road linking Thirsk and Scarborough. It is still very much a local service centre. Even though there are Lidl and Co-op supermarkets on the edge of town, they have not taken trade away from the Market...
  5. Eleanor

    Yorkshire Beverley Friary

    One of the few surviving Friaries in Britain which is now a Youth Hostel. Friaries were built in growing towns where the friars, who had taken vows of poverty, ministered and preached to the local population. After the Reformation most of them disappeared. Beverley Friary is important as it is...
  6. Eleanor

    Yorkshire Beverley, the County Town of the East Riding

    An attractive market town with a medieval feel. Regularly voted as one of the best places to live, Beverley is an attractive market town and the county town of East Yorkshire. Popular with locals it tends to be missed by the tourists which is a shame as it is still retains its medieval feel...
  7. Eleanor

    Yorkshire Hawes, North Yorkshire

    Small but thriving market town set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Hawes is a small and thriving market town at the head of Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales. This is the only dale to be named after a village and not a river. The Yoredale series of rocks with alternating bands of...
  8. Eleanor

    Yorkshire Helmsley, North Yorkshire

    Yorkshire’s answer to the Cotswolds. Helmsley is an extremely attractive market town on the edge of the North York Moors. With its stone buildings, River Rye and Borough Beck, Helmsley is Yorkshire’s answer to the Cotswolds. Life is centred round the Market Place, still with its market cross...
  9. Eleanor

    Yorkshire Scarborough and its Castle and Church

    “Queen of the Yorkshire Coast” Dominated by its castle, set high on limestone cliffs above the sea, Scarborough with its two bays, has been a major tourist centre since the C17th, when the discovery of a mineral stream led to a spa being established here. Scarborough Spa became Britain’s first...
  10. Eleanor

    Yorkshire York, A Medieval Walled City

    The historic centre of York with its walls, narrow paved streets and overhanging houses has hardly changed for hundreds of years. Traffic controls have succeeded in keeping the centre of York virtually traffic free. Pedestrians spill out onto the paved roads adding to the medieval feel...
  11. Eleanor

    Yorkshire Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

    Deservedly voted the best small market town in the UK in the 2016 Great British High Street Awards. Hebden Bridge is a thriving small market town in the Upper Calder Valley. This is an area of steep wooded river valleys with terraced houses climbing up the hillsides. The roads zig zag up the...
  12. Eleanor

    Yorkshire Whitby, North Yorkshire

    Kippers to Count Dracula. With Dracula, Captain Cook, Whitby Jet and fish and chips, Whitby has something for everyone as well as narrow cobbled streets to explore and the iconic 199 steps. It is an attractive settlement nestled along the mouth of the River Esk and in summer months this is a...
  13. Eleanor

    Yorkshire Kingston-upon-Hull

    Kingston-upon-Hull (or Hull as it is more usually called) is tucked away in the bottom right hand corner of Yorkshire is well off the usual tourist itinerary. Since winning the coveted European City of Culture for 2017, it has made tremendous strides to rediscover itself and put its name very...
  14. Eleanor

    Yorkshire North York Moors Railway

    The Pickering and Whitby Railway was built in an attempt to improve links from Whitby to the rest of the country so halting the decline of Whitby as a port. It opened in 1836 as a horse drawn railway to Pickering, which included a rope hauled incline at Beckhole. The line was acquired by the...
  15. Eleanor

    Yorkshire Harlow Carr Gardens, Harrogate

    On the western edge of Harrogate, these gardens were originally planned as a display garden and trial ground to test the suitability of plants for growing in northern Britain. The well known gardener, and broadcaster, Geoffrey Smith, was superintendent here for many years. The gardens were once...
  16. Newby Hall, Yorkshire

    Newby Hall, Yorkshire

  17. Newby Hall, Yorkshire

    Newby Hall, Yorkshire

  18. Newby Hall, Yorkshire

    Newby Hall, Yorkshire

  19. Newby Hall, Yorkshire

    Newby Hall, Yorkshire

  20. Scrampston Hall, Yorkshire

    Scrampston Hall, Yorkshire