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2022 Planning


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For me this is actually rather late to begin planning for the next year, so I'm feeling a little stressed because I don't have all the details worked out yet! I really expect 2022 to be a super busy year.

We did travel this year - a trip to Italy that I booked in June when I thought things were getting better. Although we did feel much safer in Italy than in Floriduh, part of the reason was because we knew everyone we were socializing with was fully vaccinated, and we also knew that masks were mandatory in all enclosed spaces. Still, we were nervous when we had to take the test before flying back - and luckily we were both negative. (And then we spend our last night at Fiumicino where I somehow caught a cold! Go figure!)

Because I expect 2022 to be very busy, and because we want to use FF miles, I'm trying to nail down our itinerary for next summer/fall. We had hoped to take a small group tour of Ireland, followed by a small group tour of Scotland, but it looks like those plans won't work. The people at WildNHappy Tours even offered to change their dates to accomodate us, but unfortunately our dates didn't work for the other people who had already booked the tour. Eventually I decided to skip Ireland and just concentrate on Scotland.

Right now I'm thinking about a few days in Edinburgh at the beginning of August, followed by a small group tour to the more remote corners of Scotland. Art's made it clear that he has no desire to drive on the left ever again, hence the small group tour. We'll see the Royal Tattoo either before or after the tour, then head down to London for 4-5 days with friends. We're hoping that BA flies from London to Perugia next summer - we could use FF miles, AND the luggage restrictions aren't as severe as they are on RyanAir. (Alternatively, someone suggested I check out RyanAir, saying that because of the ridiculously cheap prices, even with additional luggage fees it was still very affordable. We'll see).

Flying into Perugia would be a dream come true, altho if we're flying from London without jetlag, the drive from FCO wouldn't be nearly as bad. Looking to arrive in Umbria the last week of August and stay until the first week in November. If we do fly into Perugia I think we'll rent locally, as we did this year, but it'll be interesting to see what car rental prices will be for next year.

Art was kind of hinting about the transatlantic cruise from Rome to Tampa, but #1, I don't know if I'll ever feel safe on a large ship again, #2 we've been to all the ports several times, and I don't feel excited by any of them, and #3, there are EIGHT days at sea - 8 days in a row!!! - and that just sounds boring boring boring, so I'm hoping we can find a premium economy flight back to the states like we did this year - the seats were comfly and the food was actually good! I was shocked, but it's true. The biggest problem is that when you're booking with FF miles you need to book early to get the itinerary you want, but then the airline changes the itinerary anyway!

Now I just have to put all the puzzle pieces together!


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Happy planning! we are hoping to do a trip sometime in 2022 after I retire -- probably in the fall, and Morocco is on our wish list, perhaps combined with a week in southern Spain. It just feels like there are too many moving parts in our lives right now to settle on exactly when and where.....


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And now there's another upswing in Covid cases. Austria is about to go into lockdown. Maybe Germany too. For those of us in the northern hemishpere winter will probably mean more indoor activities, closer proximity to others, and less chance to maintain a safe distance.

I'm holding off on booking anything for next summer, and am trying not to stress out about our scheduled trip in March.


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We're going to Morocco in March - everything's already set! Two nights at JFK (in the TWA hotel with a room facing the runway!), seeing Hamilton, then 2 weeks in Morocco, small group tour. When we fly back we'll go from JFK to LGA where we'll spend the night before flying home the next morning.
I am SOOOOOOO jealous == we've been to Morocco twice and I'd love to do it again.


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artnbarb: which group tour are you doing? we're not typically group people, but I do wonder if it's not the best approach to Morocco


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fingers crossed you'll be able to go! we're scheduled for a week in Eleuthera at the very end of February, and we're hopeful there won't be any reason to cancel.......

Sharon J

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We're booked for Varenna on Lake Como, then Sant'Antonio outside Montepulciano in May 2022, then Positano and back to Sant'Antonio the following October 2022. At our ages, we feel we are running out of time. Fingers and toes are crossed for 2022.

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We're booked with Gate One Travel - one of the small group tours. Right now everything is on hold. Morocco just extended the flight ban til the end of Jan, so I guess it'll be a month by month wait until the end of Feb! (Our tour begins on March 12!)
Hope you get your wish to go in March, Barb. I have a friend who travels extensively (before Covid) and always used Gate One, always happy with their tours. Buona fortuna!


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I’ve booked our September trip to Switzerland, 3 weeks in Lenk and will add another destination closer to the time. We will drive there. I’ve also booked a week in the Cotswolds in May, staying at Broadway Manor Cottages like we did last May.

Prices are up in the Cotswolds. I’m paying £90 more this year for a week. I was looking at places in Painswick where we used to live and places were £1000+ per week for small places. I haven’t got our contract for Switzerland yet but their prices have gone up too.

I am still not fully recovered from the illness that hit me nearly 6 months ago, so can’t make any big plans. Both these trips we can do even if I am not at full strength. Steve doesn’t want to fly anywhere until Covid things have really settled down. I would like to do an Italy trip but it is a long drive. Maybe we can go from Switzerland.

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