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Advice on how to find two adjoining/nearby apartments in Rome?


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Hi folks,

I'm not sure if anyone might know this. I am in very early planning stages for a ~10 day trip next fall to Rome. My husband and I are taking extended family with us, and for various reasons would prefer if possible to stay in two adjoining or near-by apartments rather than one large apartment (even though it will be more expensive). I'm wondering if there's any good way to try to search for such a setup. Anyone have thoughts? We would ideally like two full apartments (each with kitchen, bath) where one has at least one bedroom and the other has at least two.

Or has anyone here used a rental service that had multiple properties in one building?

Thanks in advance for any advice!



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If you ask some of the agencies you will probably find places in the same building. I have a list of Rome agencies here:

Dolce Roma has places in the same building (I think) and we had good reviews for them on SlowTrav.

Let us know what you find.


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...prefer if possible to stay in two adjoining or near-by apartments rather than one large apartment ..... I'm wondering if there's any good way to try to search for such a setup...
Shouldn't be too difficult : just open up Google Maps for Rome.
At the top of the map (not in the side-bar) you'll see a row of things that it's possible to search for, one of them being "Hotels". Clicking on "Hotels" will open a side-bar where it will also state "Vacation rentals are also available for your dates - View all". Clicking on this will open a new menu with all sorts of ways to filter the results (price, facilities, ratings, etc.). You just have to look on the map for rentals that are very close to one another, or find one that might offer separate apts. in the neighborhood you want to stay. Make sure you zoom in quite a bit on the map.

You can also check AirBnB in the same manner - just zoom in on the map of options, you'll see quite a few that are very close to others.

Choosing will probably be the difficult part - there seem to be thousands of options....;)

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We always stay at the same apartment each time we visit Rome...the Blue 2 bedroom. Our friends rented the Orange studio when we all went together the last time and really liked it. I know Cristina has several apartments in the building. We have been very happy with the apartment and the communication we have with Cristina. The location of the building is fantastic!


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We. also, have rented 2 apartments from Floralia Homes for a family trip. We were very pleased and would not hesitate to recommend them.


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