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Alsace in September

We leave the first of September for six weeks in the Alsace. Rented an apartment to use as home base. We have a car. Would like to take some longer trips to various places. Wondering what to expect when it comes to finding overnight accommodations. Any suggestions as to how to locate. Just look for a sign outside saying "chambers"? My spelling is probably off.

Pretty much have all the bases covered for things like debit cards and maps. My only remaining concern is navigating the Frankfurt airport and getting to where our leased car is waiting. The airport looks huge.


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For finding overnight places, I'd probably look through Booking.com or AirBnB. And yes, the Frankfurt airport is enormous, especially if you try to find the basement-level grocery store before going to the car rental, as we did. (although my husband felt it worth the trouble, since the deli clerk complimented him on his German and they had wonderful rustic breads)
Where is your apartment? We spent a week in the region a few years back. Wonderful wines!
If you are arriving from the US then you will be arriving at the main airport (there is a smaller one about an hour to the west used by low cost carriers). It is a very large airport, busiest in Germany. I have flown through there several times heading to/from Italy. You will do a lot of walking to get to the customs area so be prepared. Signs are decent. Not much different than going through ATL or JFK.

It is located on the edge of the city with good connections to the highways for when you head west.
Our apartment is in Beblenheim. We stayed at the same one in 2010 so know the area and the landlady. We are hoping to travel to Lyon and Nancy for a start. And further south once we know more. If we spot a place to stay we will be prepared to overnight. When my wife, before we were married, traveled to Europe (more than once) she only made arrangements for the night of her arrival and then just found places as she traveled.

Walking is not a problem. Last year we seemed to walk forever to our gate. And through more than one check point. As long as there is decent signage we are good. SFO and PHX have folks that help those that look lost so maybe in Frankfurt we will get lucky when it comes to getting answers. I have seen comments were people hate CDG but we never had a problem and had to catch a connecting flight. Going through TSA again was annoying but that was it.

We are truly slow travelers. If we spot something of interest we stop and enjoy. No schedule. Just wander and see what happens.


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