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Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Munich (first time to Europe) need advice please


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Hi there, I'm planning a trip to Europe in about a month, this idea started with my dream to visit Oktoberfest! I am single, 30 years old, I live in Los Angeles. Looking to do some partying, sightseeing, enjoying the culture, and also relaxing. I am considering first flying to Amsterdam with a 1 way ticket, spending 3 days there, from there spending a couple of days in Stuttgart to check out the festival there and the city/town, I will eventually be arriving in Munich for Oktoberfest!

This will be a solo trip unless I can find someone with a free as schedule as I. I would love to spend at least 4 days in Munich, or as many days as it takes to fully enjoy the festival, Munich, and Bavaria! I want to check out the beer halls in old town and enjoy the culture, sights, and meet locals and tourists. I also would love to see Neuschwanstein castle and go inside if possible, and whatever else you recommend in Bavaria.

This will be my first time in Europe. I don't know where to stay/hotel in Munich so its not too expensive. I know that I am planning this trip last minute as I've read people plan a year ahead. I've heard it is very expensive to stay near the festival if anything is available, so maybe I can stay on the outskirts and take public transportation to the festival? What general advice would you give me regarding this trip? I appreciate your suggestions very much! If you can give me general advice on the entire trip, great!. If you prefer only to advise regarding Munich, I appreciate that as well.

Here is what I have planned so far, please let me know what you think..

I want to fly from LAX Wednesday night September 25th around 11pm directly to Amsterdam, which means I would arrive in Amsterdam Thursday evening September 26th about 6pm? I will get settled in or maybe go out for a couple of hours then sleep and wake up well rested Friday September 27th

I think 3 full days in Amsterdam is enough to enjoy it without getting bored

Monday morning September 30th I want to take the earliest train possible to Stuttgart, Germany. I think the earliest train leaves at 8am and the fastest route is 5 hours, which means I will be arriving in Stuttgart about 1pm. The second largest beer festival happens in Stuttgart. I'll enjoy the rest of the day at the festival and sleep in Stuttgart.

The next morning Tuesday October 1st I'll explore Stuttgart until about 4pm. I want to get on the train to Munich by 4pm. The train to Munich is about 2 hours so I should arrive in Munich around 6pm.

When I arrive in Munich I'll get settled in or maybe go out for a couple of hours.

The next morning Wednesday October 2nd I will spend the day at Oktoberfest.

Thursday October 3rd I will either spend the day in the city and old town sight seeing, or go to the Bavarian country side out of town for sight seeing, nature, alps mountains, etc.

Friday October 4th I will spend the day at Oktoberfest.

Saturday October 5th I will either spend the day in the city and old town sight seeing, or go to the Bavarian country side out of town for sight seeing, nature, alps mountains, etc.

Sunday October 6th I will fly home to Los Angeles sometime in the afternoon.


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Sounds like a fun trip! Many years ago we ended up in Munich with a full day to kill while waiting for our night train to Paris. It was late September and we had no idea that Oktoberfest would be underway - what a lucky surprise for us! The size of Oktoberfest was also a surprise for us - you'll have a blast!


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Wow what a pleasant surprise! Munich & Oktoberfest have been a dream trip of mine forever! I just booked my hotel in Munich for 4 days. Definitely spending at least 3 days in Amsterdam before I head to Munich. I want to check out at least 1 more place in the area, either on my way to Munich from Amsterdam, or after Munich. I don't go to Europe often, I want to make the best of it... any recommendations? Stuttgart seems boring for me and Im already going to the beer festival in Munich so I've been told its redundant going to the Stuttgart one, only other thing there is the car museums, not enough reason to go there I think..


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1 more thing, Im coming to Germany in early October and intend on driving on the Autobahn from Munich to Landhut, then Regensburg, then Nuremburg, then from Nuremburg back down to Munich. Will be using the 92, 93, 3, and 9 autobahns respectively. I am a safe driver but I would love to take advantage of the no speed limit zones, I will be driving a BMW M car. I will respect the laws and other drivers, safety first. I heard there was a heat was and a temporary speed limit was issued in all or some areas? Could you please tell me if this is true? If I can not take full advantage of the roads, I would rather use public transportation (trains etc) and save money. Also, could you please tell me if there will be traffic? I plan on doing this on October 3rd which I believe is a German holiday (Unity day) so possibly everyone is not working and the roads may be congested with traffic? I really do appreciate your advice, thank you!


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Also, I know I need a power plug adapter because my US appliances (laptop charger, cellphone charger, etc) the US plugs will not fit in the European outlets. Do I also need a voltage converter? I understand that the voltage in Germany is 230 Volts, in the US its 110 Volts. Is there a combination of these two in one product? Please recommend, thank you!


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Also, I know I need a power plug adapter because my US appliances (laptop charger, cellphone charger, etc) the US plugs will not fit in the European outlets. Do I also need a voltage converter? I understand that the voltage in Germany is 230 Volts, in the US its 110 Volts. Is there a combination of these two in one product? Please recommend, thank you!


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Another thing, Im on the Bahn website buying a train from Amsterdam to Munich first class, next question it asks me is Super Sparpreis Europa for 80 Euro OR Sparpreis Europa for 92 Euro... The first one has none of these includes, but the 2nd one includes

1. Cancellation before 1st day of validity subject to a fee in exchange for voucher
2. City-Ticket Included

My questions are what is a city ticket? and does the cancellation option benefit me? I am considering stopping in Stuttgart for a couple of hours on the way to Munich, so I can check out the MBZ and Porsche museums


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Ok new plan, about 3 days in Amsterdam, 4 days in Munich, maybe Austria after Munich, so far I reserved my hotel in Munich and the train from Amsterdam, need to get the hotel in Amsterdam and flight tickets
Amsterdam: 3 days, things to do
Rent a bike then canal tour? Try stropwafel, Dutch pancakes (go to pancakes Amsterdam or pancake bakery) herring, de ballenbar bitterballs (fried ragu), puffiches, kapsalon, Nasigoyn(indonesian)
Albert cuyp market
Anne Frank house (buy tickets)
Rembrandt square nightlife
Adam lookout sunset
Check out Haarlem town Jopenkerk brewery
Friday 1pm organ concert Haarlem
Enkhuisen old Dutch town life
Coffee shops: Greenhouse, dampkring, boerenjongens
Red light district : Casa rossa sex show, prostitution museum , sex museum
Drink Absinth
Bars/Clubs: cafe bulldog, cafe cox, paradiso, mellweg, de school, studio 80, sugar factory, club air, club nyx
Vrolik deformity museum, smallest house in Europe, blue 360 restaurant,
Visit Jordaan (nice part of town)
Vondel park

Day 1: Explore Munich
Day 2: Festival
Day 3: Rent a car, autobahn, North Bavaria
Day 4: Festival
Day 5: South Bavaria
Oktoberfest: Beer tents, Oide wiesn (classic area), Rides, wiesnkoks if tired
Munich: Marienplatz, St Peters Church, Asam Church, Munich Residenz palace, Nymphenurg palace, Deutsches museum, Spaten brewery, BMW museum, Hofbrauhaus beer hall, Opera house
Munich beerhalls: Hofbrauhaus, Augustiner Keller & Braustuben, Lowenbrau Keller, Paulaner Bauhaus, English garden Chinese beer garden
Northern Bavaria: Rent car in Munich and explore following towns in 1 day
Landshut: Trausnitz castle, St Martin Church
Regensburg: Explore old town, Peter's cathedral, Old Bridge, St. Emmeram church, Alten Kapelle church, Porta Praetoria (old Roman wall), Historischd museum, Schottenportal (Scottish church stone entrance)
Nuremburg: Explore old town, Nazi rally center, Christmas market, Nurnberg castle, St Lorenz church, St Sebaldus church, Germanisches museum,
Dachau: Concentration camp
Furstelfeldbrück: Church & skeletons
On a seperate day explore southern Bavaria, spots below
Southern Bavaria: Neuschwanstein castle, Hohenschwangau castle, Eibsee lake, Zugspitze tallest mountain, Herreninsel palace, berchtesgaden (salt mine and kehlsteinhaus aka Hitler's eagles nest)

Maybe after Munich spend a few days in Austria

Mozart dinner concert
Untersburg cable car
St Abby church 696 AD
Hohensburg fortress
Eat quesaspetzl
Go to countryside lake district
Sakzkamergut lake district
Luje/metal slide (rollerbahn)
Hallstatt lake town

Hungerburg fenicular
Hafelekarspirtze view mountain chairlift
Stubai glacier ski
Tyrolean evening show (gundolf family)
Hofburg palace


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I considered everyones advice, I guess North Bavaria a.k.a Munich, Landshut, Regensburg, Nuremburg round trip drive is not advisable because of the construction. I could take a train for this trip and rent a car for my South Bavaria trip which will be from Munich to Neuschwanstein castle then Eibsee and Zugspitze, Herreninsel palace, Berchtesgaden.
I will leave Munich by 6am to arrive at Neuschwanstein by 7:30 am which is when the ticket office opens, I will buy my tickets ahead of time online. The website states I need to arrive to pickup tickets at least 90 minutes before my tour, first tour is at 9am and lasts 35 minutes. I will be done with the tour by 9:35am then have breakfast in Fussen the town next to Neuschwanstein, and hopefully on the road to Eibsee by 10:30.am Fussen to Eibsee Is a 1 hour drive so I should arrive in Eibsee by 11:30am. Ill enjoy the lake for about 30 minutes or more depending on what there is to do, then take the cable car up to Zugspitze and possibly spend an hour up there, maybe have lunch at the mountain restaurant. I should be on my way to Herreninsel palace by 2pm, and arriving by 4pm since its a 2 hours drive. I should be done with Herreninsel by Sundown.
I also want to visit Berchtesgaden but I won't have time that day, so I'll head back to Munich. Maybe I can see Berchtesgaden on my way back to Munich from Salzburg on October 8th, I could have dinner there and watch the sunset. What do you guys think? is this a better idea for driving vs Northern Bavaria? Also does anyone know the car parking situations for Neuschwanstein, Eibsee, and Herreninsel?
I think there is some construction on the A95 but its mostly free and there should be no speed limit on the A95 most of the way, according to the first link. My knowledge of construction on these roads is learned from German websites, trying to translate, I know it may not be accurate, don't want to ask too much of anyones time but if you can help me out it is really appreciated. thank you guys.


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know my plans for South Bavaria are time optimistic, I will skip Berchtesgaden, I can do that another day.
Instead, on Thursday October 3rd I will rent a sports car from Turo and drive to Neuschwanstein, then Eibsee/Zugpitze, and if I have time Herreninsel palace. if not enough time for Herreninsel, I will visit Herreninsel on another day on my to Berchtesgaden and Salzburg

After my days in Munich are finished, I am taking a train to visit Salzburg Austria for 2 days, spending 1 night there, already booked hotel. I want to stop in Berchtesgaden on my way from Munich to Salzburg. The only possible issue is I will have my large luggage and carry on with me, so hopefully there is a luggage locker in the train station when I arrive at Berchtesgaden, and hopefully this will be the same train station I will use to depart from Berchtesgaden to Salzburg

After my 3 days in Amsterdam, Here is my Munich & Salzburg schedule in a nutshell, or what I have so far

Day 1, Tuesday October 1st: My train from Amsterdam will bring me to Munich arriving about 3pm, I'll check in my hotel, get settled in, and probably spend the rest of the evening exploring the surroundings, Munich, old town, etc

Day 2, Wednesday October 2nd: Start the day with Oktoberfest, possibly spend the entire day there? see how it goes

Day 3, Thursday October 3rd: Rent a sports car from Turo and drive to Neuschwanstein, Eibsee/Zugpitze, then Herreninsel palace if I have enough time. Then return to Munich, return the car, then maybe visit a beer hall or find something to do in Munich

Day 4, Friday October 4th: Start the day exploring old town Munich, Marienplatz, St Peters church, Asam church, Residenz palace, Nymphemburg palace, Deutsches museum, Spaten brewery, Hofbrauhaus or other beer hall, BMW museum, Opera house(probably just to see building inside and out if no good evemt).. I'm not sure I'll have enough time to see ALL of these places in Munich on this day, but I'll try too see the most interesting ones. then spend some more time at the Oktoberfest? Maybe do Oktoberfest first then explore Munich?

Day 5, Saturday October 5th: Take a train to North Bavarian towns, Landshut, then Regensburg, then Nuremburg, then back to Munich, find something to do the rest of the evening

Day 6, Sunday October 6th: Check out of Hotel, take a train to Berchtesgaden, lock luggage in locker, Salt mine tour, Kehlsteinhaus lunch with a view, then get my luggage and take the train to Salzburg, check in my Salzburg hotel, settle in, and spend the rest of the day exploring Salzburg, maybe see Mozart's house, then enjoy a Mozart concert and dinner in the palace

Day 7: Spend more time Salzburg, see St Abby church, Hohensburg fortress, maybe Untersberg cable car, or skip cablecarif it will be disappointing after Zugspitze since Zugspitze is much higher... then I will go to the country side/lake district, try luje/rollerbahn, leave Salzburg in time to make my 11pm flight from Munich to Los Angeles

I already booked all my flights. On my way back to Los Angeles from Munich I have an 8 hour layover in Moscow. I might leave the airport and see the Red Square for 2 or 3 hours. The plane lands at 3am in Moscow, should be able to get to Red Square by 6am, have breakfast, see the sunrise, do some very quick sight seeing, Kremlin, St Basils Cathedral, etc, then back to the Airport for my 12pm flight

Besides the plane tickets, I also have my hotels booked in Amsterdam 4 nights, Munich 5 nights, and Salzburg 1 night, Need to book my train on October 6 from Munich to Berchtesgaden, and from Berchtesgaden to Salzburg, and on October 7 from Salzburg to Munich for my flight home to Los Angeles. Do I need to book these three train trips in advance? Is it advisable to do so? Benefits? The only train ride I have booked so far is the first train ride form Amsterdam to Munich on October 1st

What do you guys think? I'm very open to suggestions and changes. I appreciate you all!

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