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Help Needed Apartments in Barcelona and Girona


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I am looking for recommendations for one-bedroom apartments in Barcelona and Girona for a trip at the end of February-beginning of March. Must-haves are wifi, decent kitchen for cooking, comfortable bed, and no more than two flights of stairs to appease my wonky knee. Looking to pay under $160/night (but willing to go higher for the right place in Barcelona). We were last in Barcelona five years ago, and unfortunately the place we stayed has zoomed out of our price range.

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Another member, Jan, stayed here last winter and I was there for a couple of days. It is FAB.
I believe the owner rents for shorter periods than one month.

In Girona - Iove the Casa Cundaro, but there are a lot of stairs to get up from town and the kitchens are not great. But if you can deal with that, it is a pretty cool place to stay - a historic 15th century manor house in the Call, with a beautiful garden and rooms downstairs that are like a museum (but not open to the public.) #201 is my favorite. http://www.casacundaro.com/en/

Chris and I stayed here a few years ago and there is a review here on Slow Europe. It is up a couple of flights of stairs, but it is a great place with an amazing kitchen.

Hope this helps.
I did quite a lot of research for our 5-day stay in March 2017, and seem to remember that several ST folk had recommended the Inside Barcelona agency. The link is to the actual one we rented, Attic B in Carrer de l'Esparteria. It's simple, modern, IKEA-furnished: no frills, but well within your (and our!) price range. It's on the top (3rd or 4th, can't remember) floor, which makes it nice and light, but there's a lift.

Inside Barcelona were good to deal with, and their agency office is right next door to this block. We really liked this area of Barcelona: El Born (also known as La Ribera). I know a lot of people have stayed in, and enthused about, the Gotic Barrio (just to the southwest of Born). But walking through it many times during our stay, we found it overwhelmingly touristy, in the wrong way... Born is still in the historic centre, but we found it a lot less manic, and more 'real' - proper shops, plenty of residents.
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Thanks, Shannon and Jonathan!
That Sabbatical Homes apartment Shannon linked to looks amazing, but sadly not available for our dates. Jonathan, I agree about El Born. Also love the proximity to La Boquereia and Santa Caterina markets. Was Attic B set up for cooking? That's the one lack with the BCN Gotic apartments, very skimpy cooking equipment, but I can make do with a skillet and pot. Since a son might join us (unsure, depending on work schedule) we're looking for a place that would sleep 3.

I'm looking at a nice apartment in Gracia; one in Eixample, and another in Poble Sec. I recall liking those neighborhoods last time--not nearly as evocative as El Born, but very "real" in feeling. They also are near neighborhood markets. Anyone with advice about those areas?

Gracia Apartment
Eixample Apartment
Poble Sec Apartment (yes, the colors are a bit much!)
BCN Gotic Apartment

And more recs would be happily received!

Still poking at Girona.
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Yes, nice and close to Santa Caterina market (which we much preferred to Boqueria, which seemed overrun by tour groups). We didn't do a lot of cooking, though. Just a 2-ring stovetop and a microwave, as far as I remember, and an adequate supply of pans.

Yes, those other neighbourhoods are more genuinely residential, I agree. The big plus of Born, for us, was being just a walk away from the port area and Barceloneta (some great eating/drinking in that area, of course!).


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So the nice folks at BCNGotic clued me in on why things are so expensive and booked that week---there's a huge tech conference in Barcelona then. (Of course Larry was excited about that, he's figuring out if it would be worth it for him to attend. *eyeroll*) Thinking of switching things to do the first week in the Girona area; and the following in Barcelona (which I believe would coincide with Carnival, could be fun). Apartments much more reasonable then.
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Good - I hope you like the area as much as we did! And I think I'm more comfortable using an established agency like them in a place like Barcelona, which has been having well publicised problems with Airbnb - though we have happily (and successfully) used Airbnb in lots of other places, and will continue to do so.

We had just one little niggle with our IB apartment: absolutely no food left in the kitchen - not even salt and pepper! We had a chat to them in the office, and they said that several previous renters had been squeamish about using already-opened containers of oil, pasta, condiments... So they now cleaned out the kitchen entirely, each time. We agreed that it was wasteful - and that maybe he should ask future renters about their feelings. Anyway, things may have changed since then - and if not, there are lots of little supermarkets close by. And you can always bring on the stuff that you didn't finish in Girona, of course.
Amy, I just saw this post. I am the one who stayed in the apartment in Barcelona that Shannon mentioned. I am sorry it wasn't available. We've had two 6-8 week stays there. LOVE the Eixample/Gracia neighborhoods and our apartment was comfortable and in a great location. I realize you have decided to stay in another area, but if you would like tips about those areas, I would be happy to share. We aren't going to BCN this winter and I will miss my time there.
PS, it is a good thing you decided to go to Girona during the Mobile World conference. Not only are the prices higher for lodgings that week, but the restaurants and metros are filled to over-flowing with conference attendees.


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