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Appian Way

We have visited Rome over a dozen times but have never toured the Appia Antica and it’s Catacombs. Not sure whether to attempt it on our own or do a 4-6 hour tour. I note that some tours are by bike ( or E bike). Any thoughts or recommendations? Planning for late September. Thanks
Once upon a time, when in Rome, we walked from our apartment (we were already staying at the gate, Porta Metronia). We walked the Appian Way and took our chances on the Catacombs, which we managed to tour without huge crowds. There was a restaurant on the Appian Way, where we enjoyed a nice lunch. As many years have passed, I don't have the information handy.

So, I think it's a pleasant thing to do on a lovely day.

If you have the patience for a guided 4-6 hour tour (that seems long to me), then go for it. If you don't, I think with a bit of research, you can put together an independent tour. Start by looking up the tickets/times for the Catacombs and any self-guided itineraries.


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