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Are credit cards accepted at restaurants in the Cotswolds?


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Our trip to the Cotswolds is coming up very soon! We're so excited but I noticed that in the 2019 Fodor's Essential England book that credit cards aren't accepted at many pubs and restaurants. Is this correct? Thank you for your insight.


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That surprises me. We spend several weeks a year in the Cotswolds. We've found that most pubs and restaurants in the Cotswolds accept credit cards (Visa or Mastercard... not AmExp). Occasionally a small tea room doesn't take cards. Also if you just make a small puchase (like two beers), you should pay in cash.


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Thanks Kathy! May I ask another question—since Fodor's doesn't seem to be entirely accurate? I read that tipping at a pub isn't necessary but you should offer to buy the bartender a drink. Is that correct? And do we tip at tea rooms, cafe, and restaurants? Thank you for your insight it is most appreciated!


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It is unusual to tip in a pub in the UK and isn't expected. Neither is it common practice to offer a bar tender a drink - If every one did they would be too drunk to do their job.... (Don't believe everything you read in the guide books.)

It is usual to leave a small tip (10%) in a restaurant and possibly in an 'upper class tea room' less so in a cafe. Some may have a suacer by the till to add a tip if you wish but no one will look ascant at you if you don't. The tipping culture is more common in America than it is over here.


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Thank you, Eleanor. I was surprised by some of the info as the travel books are well respected. And I should clarify that what the book meant by "buy the bartender a drink" was actually paying more than the bill for a tip.


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Okay -- I just returned from London and the Cotswolds. I used my Apple Pay (on my Apple Watch, but could use other contactless methods). Even the little co-op grocery store in Chipping Campden, as well as the Lygon Arms Pub/Hotel, took Apple Pay. I used it everywhere in London, too.


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