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Sharon J

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We are returning to Sant'Antonio outside Montepulciano in a few weeks. This is where we always stay, and have visited most areas many times. I don't think we have ever visited Arezzo. Is it worth a day trip? Any advice?? We have one day open. We were thinking Cinque Terre, but feel it might be a bit much for one day. We are in our mid 70's, but in very good shape, but not open to heavy walking, which I think might be the case.

Thanks in advance for some interesting suggestions.

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I’m planning to go there tomorrow on the train from Florence for the day!
This weekend is the big monthly antiques fair in the streets of Arezzo, and every visit to Italy , I’m never nearby at the right time.
If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I’ll definitely go.
I’ll let you know what I find, and how the terrain is, walking up from the station!


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Hi you don't say whether you are travelling by train or by car. If it's by car there are elevators up from the car park. I'm not sure about the station. Once you're up Arezzo is quite compact, not a heavy walking place. Here's my description of our day there a couple of years ago.


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I did go to Arezzo on Sunday, and was really thrilled with it!
I didn’t go into any of the churches or museums, as my reason for going was to see the monthly antiques market.
Most streets in the historical centre were lined with stalls.
Furniture, clothing, glass, china, jewelry ….you name it.
It was a lovely sunny Fall day, and there were tons of people doing the same as me, just wandering and looking.
The architecture is lovely, and there is a big park just above the Duomo with views over the countryside, and benches to sit on.
Lots of places to eat and watch the action, and at reasonable prices.
The market is on the first Sunday of each month, and the Saturday the same weekend.
Worth going then.
Quite a hill to walk up to get to the centre, but you could zigzag in the streets to get there.
Definitely worth a trip!


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I keep a very small apartment in Arezzo for a monthly retreat from the bustling activity of Rome. It is a wonderful small city with a compact center and a variety of destinations, from Piero della Francesca's cycle of frescoes to modern art in the Fortezza. Food here is excellent without tourist gouging prices. It is a city much more known to Italians than to American tourists but it is well worth visiting.
I've spent several months in Marciano della Chiana, including a week this month helping friends harvest their olives. Arezzo is the "big city" in the area. It's where musical notation was invented (thanks Guido of Arezzo), and the site of a monthly antiques market that covers the entire city. There are a few interesting museums. Arezzo is famous for its gold jewelry manufacturing. The train station has good connections to interesting places like Cortona (Under the Tuscan Sun), Assisi, Firenze, and Siena.


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I recently visited Arezzo for 2 nights in October. I wanted to stay in a smaller town between my visits to Rome and Florence. I really enjoyed it. I visited the Basilica di San Francesco to see the frescos, the museum of Medieval and Modern Art (make sure you check their opening days and times because they limit the number of visitors), and the Arezzo Cathedral, which is definitely uphill from the train station. I enjoyed a break from the bustle of Rome and just walking around. Definitely worth a day trip.


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A person posting on the Rick Steves Travel forum a few days ago had gone to Arezzo mid week to see the Christmas lights last week, but it was all dark.
Apparently, the town is saving electricity and only turning on the lights at weekends this year.

Sharon J

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Thanks everyone for the great information. One last question. Is there any certain day where most things are closed, or really busy that we should avoid?

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