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Back from the Peloponnese

Doug Phillips

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I've posted a detailed trip report in the "next" forum about our recent visit to the Peloponnese.

This was one of our favourite trips, going back to 2002 when we first started travelling to Europe. We liked the places we stayed & visited, the beach time, the food, the people, the prices - almost everything except a couple of days of inclement weather. I only knew one person who had ever been to the Peloponnese & his is a family connection. I spent more time planning this trip than most, but I was richly rewarded.

And while we were definitely tourists, we never felt part of a tourist horde, except for our time in Monemvasia. September was a great time for our visit. We were able to extend our Canadian summer by a couple of weeks by relaxing on the beaches of the Peloponnese.

Consider me a resource if you ever want to visit the Peloponnese.


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