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TV Series BBC: Life after Life by Kate Atkinson


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This was a great book. It will be interesting to see it as a TV series.

From today’s Guardian:

Life After Life
9pm, BBC Two
Thomasin McKenzie and Sian Clifford star in this pleasing four-part adaptation of Kate Atkinson’s award-winning 2013 novel. It’s a wartime drama with a curious fantasy twist, following Ursula (McKenzie): a girl who lives through both world wars and is reborn each time she dies. In each new life, a sense of deja vu helps her to avoid past fatal mistakes. Clifford is great in her most serious screen role to date as Ursula’s mother, Sylvie, and Jessica Hynes appears as the family’s housekeeper.


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Omigod, that is one of my favorite books! I hope it makes it to Masterpiece Theater on PBS! I also hope they don’t rewrite it like what happened with Station Eleven.


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One of my favourite books too. So far, the tv reviews here in the UK seem very positive. We've got a bit of a backlog in our watching, so haven’t started yet, but plan to v soon!

Yes, the TV Station Eleven (which we started when visiting the family in the US in December, then finished here at home last month) was intriguingly different from the book - but I very much enjoyed both of them, in their different ways. There was an interesting article in either the NYT or New Yorker in which the tv showrunner explained just why they made those changes; I found it pretty persuasive.

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Just finished Life After Life...very intricate and very faithful to the novel which I think was a difficult one to adapt. Well acted, consistently intriguing with very good music and production values. Some confusion in following the plot is unavoidable since that is the premise of the story.

The music over the final credits of the last episode featured a lovely rendition of the old standard "Again." I looked up the singer....Doris Day. She had a beautiful voice.

We are big Kate Atkinson fans....she has a new novel coming out in September--"Shrines of Gaiety".

We also liked all the Jackson Brodie novels and the tv series based on the books Case Histories.
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