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Help Needed Best way to get five adults from Madrid Airport to Cordoba


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I am planning a vacation for this fall and was hoping for some ideas/advice on transportation at the beginning of our journey. We will be five adults arriving at the Madrid airport on Sunday Sept 29 (at around 6:30AM if things work out). I had planned to get AVE train tickets in advance because originally our party was going to be smaller and that seemed to be the most economical option. I was going to see if I could get the flexible ones in case we were delayed, or reserve for the afternoon to give us a buffer in case of delays. I know many folks would have just stayed in Madrid the first night but my rental is already booked in Cordoba so that is not an option, and we've done similar day-of-arrival travel in the past and been fine.

I'm looking at the Renfe site now and the tickets for our arrival date aren't available yet (but presumably it's getting close as they are available for two weeks earlier). Looking at the ones from the Sunday two weeks earlier, however, the prices appear to be 50-80 euros each depending on class and flexibility. So now I am wondering if we'd be better off trying to arrange a private transport service (I doubt it would be less expensive, but maybe the ease would make up for the difference). I've been googling to try to find such a service but not seeing a lot of options, however.

I'd love advice from anyone who has traveled this route or is familiar with Renfe. Thank you!


Giulia da Urbino

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Ave to Cordoba is very fast (2 hours vs. over 4 hours drive) and very comfortable (personally I never felt the need to book "preferente").
Atocha is very easy to get to (more so around 7/8 a.m.).
There's a bus (5 euros pp) or taxi (30 euros fix rate for trips to and for the airport, no luggage supplement) I'm not sure if bigger taxis that can fit the 5 of you cost more.
Hope this helps a bit.

Giulia da Urbino

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Last one gives you rates automatically


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Hi, I am doing this same journey on the 20 July, Madrid to Cordoba. And by far the best way is by the AVE (Alta Velocidad España) or High Speed Spain train. It's quick and not expensive. After 4 nights in Cordoba I head over to Malaga also via the AVE. Good luck and enjoy.


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