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Bologna Language School

While I have not attended this school myself, I know someone who has and loved it. The classes weren't too large with excellent instructors. At one point there were only 4 students in the class and no more than 8. Keep in mind if you attend during the summer months there will be a lot of very young students. There are excursions and social activities given by the school.
Hi Marlene. I will be attending Academya Lingue for one week in October and I’ll try remember to post a response to your thread afterward. I chose this school because they provide optional afternoon social or cultural activities in addition to four hours of daily classroom time, which ultimately means more opportunities to learn and practice the language. I noticed some schools cut the classroom time to two hours a day if only one student is enrolled in a particular level, while Academya Lingue provides the full four hours. The school gets very good reviews and I’m looking forward to it.
HappyTrails2, please do post. Where are you staying in Bologna? I've been trying to find place close to the school (I have some mobility problems and don't want to be dependent on cabs). I've been looking at Cavazza Residence: https://www.residencecavazza.it/en/ which is about 1/2 mile away (about my limit).
We’re staying in an Airbnb, Google Maps shows it as 400 meters (1/4 mile) from the school. The apartment is on the top floor, in the attic. The building has an elevator, but I’m not certain whether it will get you all the way to the apartment or whether some stair climbing is involved. I can send you a link if you are interested.
I think I'll pass on the AirBnb. As a solo traveler, I prefer a small hotel-like place where there is a 24-hr desk and other people to chat with at breakfast. I hope you enjoy Bologna. I've been there many times, but it's been over a decade since my last stay.


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