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Staying a week in Bordeaux next March. There will be four of us, and we are looking for the best way to get to the Dordogne for a day trip to see places like Sarlat. Other than doing a train ourselves does anyone recommend any tour operators that do this? I’m having a hard time finding any.


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It's about 3 hours each way (car OR train) from Bordeaux to Sarlat. That doesn't leave a whole lot of time for a day trip, especially for a region like the Dordogne where the towns and sights are spread over a wide area. I doubt if tour operators would attempt this as a regular part of their offerings, but you might be able to find someone to do a custom tour for you, especially if you can narrow your goal to a specific sight or town.


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Thanks, that’s what it is looking like. I thought it was closer to 2 hours via train, but three hours is pushing it for a day trip.


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