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Brittany, Normandy, and Paris - 2015


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I love reading other people's trip reports and blogs, so I'll add mine to the group and see if they help anyone else in their planning.

This is a link to the part of my blog where we start in Brittany, then move to two different locations with Normandy, and finally to Paris.

Travel thoughts and Ramblings

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So sorry, Eleanor. I think I fixed it. Please try again and let me know if you still have problems.

The blog was created for friends and family so you'll see lots of personal references that won't help future travelers much. But maybe there's a few things there of interest.

Thanks for letting me know the problem.

Jean M

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Jean, I am loving your trip notes. We are thinking of a trip to Brittany and I find your travel saga very helpful. I don't see mention of the places you've stayed, other than the fact that you stayed in apartments which is what we like to do. Have you posted notes or reviews of the places you rented?
Thanks for writing. It's very enjoyable to read.


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