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Help Needed Car Service from Sixt at LHR to rental near Tower Bridge


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We are returning our Sixt rental car to LHR on Monday, 10/22...mid-afternoon...and then going into the Tower Bridge area of London for several days. Does anyone have a recommendation for a car service with which they have had good luck? We will also need a ride back to Heathrow early morning, Friday, 10/26.
Ivy Lettings, our rental agent, is recommending Addison...but I see they do not get uniformly good reviews. I have also seen Blackberry and Parker mentioned often.
Any personal experiences very much appreciated.
P.S....do not want to take public transportation as my husband is still recovering from shoulder surgery.
We have used Parker on our last few visits to London (to/from LHR); the latest was a year ago. Their service has always been good and would use them again when we visit London.

As an aside, I found out that upon a transatlantic flight arrival at LHR T5 (don't know about the other airport/terminal), the company has a representative just outside baggage claims wearing a green blazer for any enquiries if your driver is not there. They normally require you to call them on arrival.


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Thanks, JustTravel. We will not be flying into Heathrow...we will be driving there from Oxford and returning our rental car to the Sixt office there. We need the car service to pick us up at the Sixt office to take us into central London, not at the arrivals terminal at the airport. But we will need them to take us back to Heathrow from our apartment in London for our flight back to the USA.
We may give Parker a try over Addison.
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JustTravel..sounds like you have had good luck with Parker. I will try to arrange something tomorrow. How far in advance do you book? When we are in Rome and fly home from FCO, we have a favorite car service that I generally book a few weeks in advance. Can you do this with Parker also?


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I only actually have about 12 days until we need our first car service, so I will get on it tomorrow! Life has been so hectic lately, I have let my trip planning slip a bit.


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