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Catania area to Puglia


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Hello wise ones,
I am trying to work out the best way to get from Sicily, vicinity of Catania, to Puglia. Ideally I want to stay in Otranto, but would be happy to make a stop or two if needed. AND, it must be by train or bus. Train preferred.
It seems there is not a direct route and even doing lots of different searches, I am getting some crazy trips with 7 changes! Would be open to a one night stop somewhere on the way, or two even, if it was somewhere relatively nice. I am travelling around September this year (hopefully) and will be with a 10 y/o and a 15 y/o. Wondering if someone has done this and has any suggestions of the most efficient way to 'get accross'. Many thanks! Rachel

Mary Hanson

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You can book a train from Catania to Brindisi or Lecce. There are 3 train changes. It's a 14 hour train ride once a day (actually 10 at night to noon the following day) Brutal but I am old
Recommendations for a day stopover. If it was me I would head to Napoli then take the local to Caserta and visit the Royal Palace and gardens based on Versailles. (Closed Tuesday). Option B is Pompeii. They have opened a whole new area this year with some spectacular murals.
From either of these locations book train to Lecce and then bus to Otranto. It's 100€.
Or rent a car and drive.
Check out flights to Brindisi or Bari (Brindisi is your closest airport). Then train/bus to Otranto. That is probably going to be your cheapest option.
For a unique experience the ferry crossing the strairs of Messina? Where they put the train on the ferry? Amazing.


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Thanks to you both. Thanks Mary, we have gone the other way (mainland to Sicily) via train where it simply drives on to the ferry! Such a unique trip. I love your suggestions and will have a look into them. The way things are I really prefer to stay out of airports, hence my liking for trains. Mainly to do with the business and delays etc.

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