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Help Needed Choosing a hotel in Seville

Maureen Fant

New Member
We're two adults going to Seville for a weekend in November before driving north. If we stay in the old city, we'll probably pick up the car on the way out of town.

I am torn. Casa del Poeta, Casa 1800, Palacio Pinelli or something else? Casa 1800's low end is about maximum for our budget (about €250). And we don't need a jacuzzi on a private terrace, just a comfortable, reliable shower.

I had just about settled on Casa 1800 when I read it might be noisy. Noisy is the one thing we really can't stand.

Many thanks.


Giulia da Urbino

100+ Posts
Hi Maureen, I know Sevilla, but not the hotels since I alwsys stay with friends.
Considering only the position and the possibility of it being noisy, I'd choose Casa del Poeta that is located a bit on the side of Barrio Santa Cruz not in the area with more bars and restaurants that may cause the noise that you read about. This said, even if Seville is pretty warm, I don't think that you'll keep the windows open during the night, so noise from people going from bar to bar may not be a problem.
Enjoy Seville and Spain!


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