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Transportation Contactless and Mobile Pay in lieu of Oyster Card

Others traveling around London may find this information helpful. Contactless and mobile pay as you go.

A friend of mine, from the US, had no issues with her Apple Watch on the Tube during her recent visit.

So, I'll try it out using Apple Pay on my Apple Watch during my visit in July. I have credit cards that don't charge a foreign transaction fee. For those unfamiliar, your credit card number isn't used -- a unique number is generated for each transaction, so it's a safe way to pay. I double-click my watch (similar to using an iPhone with Apple Pay), and hold it over the reader. My watch (or, iPhone) puts a checkmark and "done" on the screen to confirm it worked.

There are rules around using the pay-as-you-go so that you get a daily cap on your fare -- use the same device, same credit card each time -- check-in and check-out with the same device/card, too.

When closer to my travel time, I'm going to create an account for London transportation so that I can see that all is working accordingly.

Hope this is helpful.

PS -- According to the Apple Pay website, Trainline accepts Apple Pay.
Thank you for the info and the link! I'm delighted that the system treats Apple Pay the same as the Oyster card. We'll be in London this September, so I'm looking forward to your report of your actual experiences.


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