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Day trip to Marseille? Worthwhile? Logistics?

Hello again. During our 2 week stay in Menerbes, we are considering a day trip to Marseille having never been there. Of particular interest is the possibility of bouillabaisse at Peron for lunch, which I've read is outstanding, if expensive. Would Marseille make for a good day out? How about driving there/parking vs taking the 30 minute train ride from Avignon? Any thoughts? Thanks much!



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I would definitely not recommend driving in Marseille. The traffic there is horrible, and the crime rate is pretty high. I know a couple of people who had their cars broken into while parked in Marseille.

I guess a lot would depend on your feeling about cities. I've sort of had it with cities, since I always enjoy smaller towns and villages much more. (Exception: Paris, but that's in a class by itself.) But if you like a city vibe and want to see Marseille, I'd recommend going by train.

If you're going only for the bouillabaisse, there must be lots of places along the southern coast with good bouillabaisse, I understand Cassis is one place, and it is a really charming and delightful town. I can't help you with specific restaurant recommendations though -- maybe someone else here has ideas.
Thanks, Roz. I appreciate the comments about Marseille traffic and crime, and no, we're not particularly into cities per se. Cassis was also on our list for possible day trips, so maybe we should just get our bouillabaise fix there, along with a callanques boat trip. If anyone has a lunch recommendation for Cassis (and even better for bouillabaise) I'd love it. Thanks!



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It's been several years since I've done a day trip to Marseille from our base in Bonnieux. I liked the Vieux Port area. We've driven there and didn't find it especially difficult to get there and park. Here's a recent article about the city: https://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2018/aug/05/travel-marseilles-get-lost/#

If you decide to take the train, another option from Menerbes would be to drive to the small town of Cavaillon (maybe 20 minutes from Menerbes) and take the train from there to Marseille, about 1 hr 15 minutes. It seems out of the way to go all the way to Avignon, and the TGV station is busier. The train from Cavaillon is a local train.

Cassis is a pretty seaside town and the boat trip is fun... totally different from a day in Marseille.
Thank you for the article, Kathy, and for the Cavaillon train suggestion. If we do go the Marseille, the Vieux Port will be where we would head.



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