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Difficult trip to Orvieto?

Hi Slowtravelers,

Just wanted your opinion on this one- Plane lands at 12pm at FCO from an overnight flight from the east coast US. My mom is traveling with me. She's 60, but in good shape. This will be her 4th visit to Italy. Mom really loved Orvieto the first time she visited and I thought about staying in Rome to get over the jet lag and doing a day trip to Orvieto. But really, she's seen Rome (last time we were there we spent 10 days in Rome alone). The last time we visited Orvieto as a day trip there.

I always felt like you really didn't get a chance to know a city unless you stayed overnight and spent at least a couple days there. Now I'm thinking of taking the shuttle to Roma Termini and taking the train to Orvieto instead of staying in Roma the first two days. With the help of a bit of coffee, do you think it would be too strenuous to get to Orvieto that first day?


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I think it's manageable; I've made longer trips upon arrival. Much of the time, the better train option is to change at Tiburtina rather than Termini, taking the FL1 train.
i think it is more than manageable. The train ride from FCO to Rome is 30 minutes, a short layover and then another hour to Orvieto. Very easy! If she feels uncertain about it. Either rent a car so you can drive direct without having to mess with the trains or hire a private transfer for door-to-door service.
It is doable for sure. We've done it and it worked out well. Upon arrival, we rented a car. Seems the drive from FCO to Orvieto was an hour and a half, maybe a little more, which is usually all we plan for upon arrival. That being said, the time you arrive at FCO. That could make a difference.
Totally doable and staying in Orvieto for a night (or more) is great. I'd hire a driver to take you there; in the end the cost is worth it to avoid the hassle of trains and luggage with jetlag (and I'm not a wealthy first-class type of traveler). But convenience and hassle-saving makes up for the splurge IMO.


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