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Drive from Windsor to Sixt Rental Car office - 46-50 Gainsford Street London


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We are driving from Oxford to Windsor on a Monday morning...visiting the Castle and having a quick bite to eat for lunch. We were then going to drive to the Sixt office at Heathrow and return our rental car and take a cab to our apartment at 43 Eagle Wharf, Lafone Street, SE1 2LZ. I just noticed that there is a Sixt office about a 2 minute walk from our apartment...so I am wondering If we should just drive there to return the car? Is this feasible? Is there a preferred route that anyone could suggest? My husband drives and I navigate...we are pretty good at it and have actually driven out of central London once before and have driven several times from Heathrow to other locations (we have found the Heathrow traffic to be hectic except late at night).
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hmmm...on the Sixt site and now wondering if there still is a Sixt office at this location.
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Pretty grim driving across from West London to East-Central London. Plus that's congestion charge zone so that's another consideration. Of course it is feasible, but we wouldn't do it.

p.s. Google maps doesn't seem to think there is a SIXT office there either.

p.p.s. Nice (albeit modern) location. Worth considering the ferries as a nice alternative depending on where you are travelling to whilst there. There's a stop near London Bridge and if the journey fits, beats tube and bus for almost being enjoyable.



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Thanks so much, Ian. Per your input, we will stick to dropping off the car at Heathrow. So odd about that Sixt office..maybe there was an office there once, but it is no longer there now.
Yes, I was hoping to do a lot of our London transportation by boat...seems like a great way to travel. I was thinking we could take it west toward Westminister Pier and also east to Greenwich Pier...good to know you think that is a good alternative, too. Which of the ferry services do you recommend? City Cruises offers commentary, I believe. There is also the Thames Clippers, right? Does any other company offer service on the river?
I was only aware of the Thames Clippers, and the Oyster card discount is a big appeal.

I'm guessing the city cruises are more like the water equivalent of the hop on hop off bus routes. For some the commentary is very useful/informative, but I fear I rather hate being a tourist :grumpy:

There probably are other ad-hoc services, maybe even boats serving food & drinks? I've never explored this.


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Thanks, again, Ian...I will check out that link. I believe you are correct about City Cruises (from what I have read), but it might be nice to try this method once.
We have contactless credit cards...do these give us the same discount as the Oyster card? I will possibly get the answer when I read the link you provided. If not, we will buy the Oyster cards when we get to London.
Again...thank you!


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