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Dual SIM


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As our departure date nears, it is time to address technology. Early last year, we each acquired an iPhone 11 from Verizon. I never got around to transferring service from the physical SIM to the embedded SIM because the 2020 October trip was cancelled. I have very detailed instructions about the process and I understand that the Verizon techs are more familiar with this compared to 2018 when this capability was first available thru them.

Nevertheless, nothing beats actual experience. I did see a 2019 post about this by @Pauline. I’m wondering if anyone has done this with Verizon and can share their experience.


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This is an interesting and current topic for us. As I have an Italian SIM card, I want to be able to use my Canadian tel (if necessary for family to contact us easily) as well as the Italian number. I didn't realize that newer iPhones could do this dual SIM/ E sim thing, so I bought a dual physical sim android phone. Not being a fan of the Android systems, I'm going to investigate the better (for me) iPhone option.

I'll be very interested in the experiences others post here.


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I did the dual sims about three years ago but then changed to T-Mobile (50+ program). Texting is free to anywhere. Includes internet, hence I have Google voice, Skype, What's App, Messenger, etc. So, I have various ways to communicate. But if I need to make a call not covered by any of the apps, it only costs 25 US cents per minute to anywhere while traveling outside of the US as well as calling outside of the US while home. I found it much easier and cheaper. We have been spending at least 6 months annually for many years in Europe, then the pandemic hit. Haven't been anywhere since January 2020 and not planning any trips until this pandemic is under control. Just too much stress and uncertainty.

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