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Earthquakes in Turkey


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These earthquakes in Turkey are horrible. The Washington Post says over 2,600 dead! BBC said they felt the earthquake in Jerusalem. I checked Google Maps and you can see where it happened in southern Turkey is straight north of Israel.

@joe once told me there was a fault line right through Israel. Is this the same one that was hit today?

Has anyone here been to that part of Turkey?


Copied this from the Washington Post to show location.


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@joe once told me there was a fault line right through Israel. Is this the same one that was hit today?
It was felt here (Israel) in some places, though nothing significantly worrying, luckily.
The fault line in Turkey is not the same, but because it rubs up with others that are adjacent, seismic activity can be felt of course further away.
To see what it looks like, open the following link :
(By Mikenorton - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0)


By the way, the general estimate is that Israel is due for a major and similar earthquake in the near future, on the basis of previous major ones (1837 and 1937 I believe) [Edit : 1927, not 1937]. Also, the general estimate is that much of the country is not prepared....
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Yes it was felt here in various parts of the country. Also the big aftershock sometime after noon yesterday


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it's beyond horrific....my heart grieves for the families, the helpers, the animals...it's too much to even comprehend. there is so much sadness in our world. :(:arghh:

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