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Expenses expected for two days in Vienna


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I am from India. I am planning two days to spend in Vienna. I am on a budget with my wife and one kid (5 years old). How much budget should I keep to visit beautiful places especially museums, historical places, traditional streets. I want to eat normal and live in a very budget place.

Please guide me about expected expenses, and what to do for budget place? Thanks in advance.


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Not sure I can provide an exact number, but Vienna (Wein) like most major western European cities is not cheap. Albeit, we did not find it crazy expensive either. To get into most of the major attractions it will be 15 to 25 euros for adults. Something less for children.

Many of the hotels serve breakfast as part of your lodging cost. They are very good and opportunity to save some money on a lighter lunch. So eat up!

Vienna has a very good public transportation system. They sell “The Vienna City Card” at most hotels. This is a great buy! It allows one to use city transportation (subway, tram, busses) for 24, 48 or 72 hours on a single ticket. Pretty sure your child will be free.
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