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Facebook - what do you think about it?

chiaro di Luna

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I only use facebook with a few travel friends. Love seeing the Pics of Italy & friends travels. Block political stuff. Twitter, like Pauline, tried it for a bit, but no use for it. I've stopped posting much because of negativity ie: cruisecritic has a lot of "experts" ready to jump on every word.


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Wow, Cruise Critic, I had forgotten all about that site. When we were looking at a river cruise I joined that site for information. In 2015 we took a Uniworld cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam.

Since then we haven't taken any cruises so I've been off the site for years. I just went on and my username and password still work. However, given the current state of affairs, we won't be taking any cruises.

I do remember that it was a very friendly place to be, like here, but I guess maybe things have changed. An important factor in any forum is great mods, and we have Pauline! :)


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