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Flying from Rome to Lisbon


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Hi all, Looking at our options to get from Italy into Portugal. We are visiting friends in the north but it seems the best value would be to fly into Lisbon and spend a couple of days to look around. My question, is Ryan Air really that bad (the reviews are terrible!) and is it worth paying the extra for TAP airlines? Or is there a better alternative that I am missing? also any Portugal tips are appreciated! How is driving there? Is it as crazy as Italy? :D

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Hi RachelP! I have flown both and after my experience with Ryan vowed to never fly with them again! After TAP, which I flew from the US I vowed I would always fly on TAP. The extra expense was worth the fantastic experience and stressfree flight! I've not driven in Portugal and have driven Italy for decades, so am not intimidated by driving in Italy. Have a great time whichever you choose!


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Ryanair are indeed bad, but it may help to say why, as this might mean you're still prepared to use them (as we do).

Hidden costs The headline offer is often attractive, but you'll be paying extra for lots of things, like payment method, a better located seat (nearer the exists for faster exit), any luggage, etc. Be sure to work a booking all the way through to see the full cost. Then clear cookies as they certainly used to pull the 'up the cost for prior visitors' trick.

Marketing Not as bad as it used to be, but the cabin comms will include adverts for scratchcards, a modest amount from which goes to charity, plus overpriced drinks/food (sic.) etc. Wearing headphones cuts this cr*p out

Cattle-herding Their 'system' has you queuing up to get on the plane as fast as possible, so you can get 1st dibs on limited overhead locker space. Beat the 'system' by using a rucksack or tote-bag or similar, which you can place at your feet, with the added advantage it won't get crushed by fellow passengers or crew proving they never learnt from square peg round hole toys when younger.

Out of the way airports A problem for many, as what they advertise as associated with a city is often 30+ miles away from it, but for us this has often been an advantage as it might be closer to our untouristy destination.

Cramped cabin space They're not much worse than others, and for 2-3 hours, it's not a massive problem.


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Thanks to both of the replies. I had gone ahead and booked TAP and hope for a good experience! I'm Australian, and discount airlines here have a terrible record of ruining peoples trips, so I elected based on that to go with the higher price. I accept that if you know what you are getting into, the discount airlines can be ok. Cheers!

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