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Article Fun and well written article about Venice "opening" May 18


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That blog is indeed a humorous take on things, but I also enjoyed going over it for the down-to-earth perspective it gives on what urban life in Italy Phase 2 looks like. And it seems that for a potential tourist who is used to interacting with stores, markets, cafes and restaurants, there is not much left to enjoy. After reading this, I am again leaning to putting a potential October vacation there out of the question.

I would suppose that the situation in the countryside is more relaxed and less "policed", and perhaps I should consider just changing the plan from five days in the city to five days on an agriturismo. We have many farms like this that we'd be more than happy to return to and explore their surroundings.


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Hi Joe,
I've cancelled my October trip. (hopefully will get a refund from Swiss Air but not counting on one). I've paid a deposit for a trip mid May next year to the Luberon....not feeling confident about that trip either but staying "hopeful". One day at a time....Stay healthy and happy :)


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My wife's family and our friends are in the Serchio Valley in small towns and villages. They are coping well with the restrictions and are ready to enjoy a prudent reentry to community life. There has been strong acceptance of the closures and distancing requirements. The Tuscan government lobbied hard against the scope of the current reopening, however, so would not be surprised to see them react swiftly if there is any new spike in cases. I have heard from my Facebook friends in the Serchio area that the police have been very active in enforcing the guidelines to date when there have been lapses in adherence to the occupancy and distancing requirements, so we will need to see how the next phase progresses.

We are still hopeful of being able to get our September trip in, but will not be going very far from my wife's family home in Tempagnano di Valdottavo if we do -- certainly not Florence or Pisa; possibly the beach at Lido di Camaiore since there are standards in place for distancing of umbrellas and occupancy; still an open question as to how much socializing we will be able to do -- restaurants and bars would be out, so would depend on the space usage and comfort levels of us and our friends for home visits (patios preferred). I have seen articles on the disappearance of the Italian cheek pecks as greetings - -curious to see how long that lasts.

A month sitting on the patio of our house in Italy playing games and enjoying the scenery across the valley is still better than sitting in our living room here ;-)

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