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I participated in a webinar with the France tourism organization earlier this week and they shared some info about the new process for the "pass sanitaire" for international visitors. It was implemented on October 31.

Going forward, you'll have to visit a designated pharmacy to have your vaccination card info transferred to a pass sanitaire. (You must have your original card-- not a copy-- and your passport.) Pharmacies have to be enrolled in the program and they can charge up to 36 euro. Right now there aren't many participating pharmacies at all-- and pretty much only in major cities. But they emphasized that more will be added all the time-- hopefully before the main tourism season!

If you don't have a pass sanitaire, you can also get a temporary pass for 72 hours with a negative COVID test (available at most pharmacies). And some places may allow you to enter with your CDC vaccination card (or may not ask for anything), but this is risky for them as the fines are substantial.

This info may be helpful and includes a map where you can find the participating pharmacies.

The French parliament just extended the use of the pass sanitaire until July 2022, if required by the health situation.

I'm a big supporter of the pass sanitaire, though the process for foreign visitors to obtain these has now changed several times and hasn't been at all effective. Let's hope that many more pharmacies participate in this new approach. (We'll be visiting our village pharmacist to encourage her to participate... and meanwhile, I'm glad I already have my pass sanitaire!)
thank you for keeping up with all of the regulations! who knows what will be required for my time with you in May.

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