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Global Entry


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Art's Global Entry is due for renewal at the end of the month, and mine will be due at the end of the year. I don't know if they're even processing them, but I don't think I'm going to bother. Anyone else thinking about renewing?


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About the state of the program, there's information here but the closing of enrollment centers has been extended until at least Aug. 10. Main points:
All applicants now have 485 days from the date that CBP conditionally approves their application to complete the enrollment process. In addition, CBP will extend for up to 18 months the Trusted Traveler Program benefits of members who apply for renewal before their current membership expires.


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Although, since I haven't been through a renewal, I wonder: does "applying for renewal" and getting the extension call for paying the fee when you apply?


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I just renewed my Global Entry last month. I was shocked about how fast they processed the renewal. It was less than 10 days from the time that I completed the online renewal application with payment and when I received the new card in the mail. My wife renewed her Global Entry about a month before I did, and it was equally efficient.

BTW, neither of us had to go through the face to face interview process for the renewal. I think "No interview" is pretty much the norm, but certainly no guarantee. I suspect that if there is a travel pattern of going to Syria or other troublesome countries that may raise red flags and increase chances of a face to face interview.
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We renewed last year. The online application and payment, of course, and then the wait. My husband's new card arrived in short order. I waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, a new card. No face-to-face interview required. So glad we had Global Entry when we returned from Spain on March 12. Those without GE had LONG waits.


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I guess it can depend on which airport you have to fly into. We always fly into Logan Airport in Boston and going through Customs is quick enough. Since we always have checked bags, going through quickly doesn't matter because we still have to wait for our bags.

We could get reimbursed from AMEX, but it is a PITA to have to make an extra trip into Logan for the interview, and where parking will be at least $21. There just isn't any benefit for us.

A funny story, when we returned from Italy last August with another couple who had GE, we got our bags sooner and they were pulled out for a random check. We were out of the airport before them. So much for GE. :)


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