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Guess this photo - July 2018


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Wow - Mark I thought you nailed it. Colmar was my guess!


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Google maps tells me that Colmar is just over 600 miles too far SE. I deliberately chose this pictures as it isn't one of the usual ones of this place, although the black and white timber building on the bridge is a well know and very popular cafe.

Another hint is that I was going to include this picture on a recent photo of the day but decided to keep it for Guess this photo....


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If it is truly SE that would put the location in the middle of the UK. Could it be in Lincolnshire :)


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Ann you are correct. They have an amazing light show set to music that runs for about 30 minutes.

Now it's your turn.


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You are correct, very good. My next clue would have been: The hanging grapes are garganega and the wine made from them is called recioto.


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