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Hello from Denver, Dave Barnes


New Member
My wife and I are slower (not sure we are slow) travelers.
  • We do an annual trip to Europe in September-October for 22 days.
  • We have decided that 3 nights is the minimum stay in any lodging unit. We violated that rule with two 2-night stays (Donostia and Irunea) in España this year and it was a mistake as we felt rushed.
  • We are train people. We don't rent cars and my wife hates buses. We try to keep our inter-city travel down to a few hours.
  • The three major activities for us are: walking (try for 5 miles a day), museums (1 per day) and eating (3+ times a day). An army travels on its stomach and I make sure mine is filled with delicious food (thanks to TripAdvisor and Yelp).


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