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Hello from France


New Member
Hi !
I am a french woman and actually, I am starting a travel blog about my beautiful France ! My goal is simple : to invite foreign people to travel in France giving them advice, my own addresses, my tips and my favorites, ideas about itineraries...
As I live in the south of France, I began with three south France cities : Toulouse, Bordeaux and Marseille.
I also share 2 France itineraries by car and by train.
And I am going to publish articles about all the most beautiful cities and places in France. And also give other ideas of itinerares to visit France in 7 or 15 days.
I subscribe to this forum to help people who want to come in France, to answer to their questions but also to ask feedback about my new blog to improve it !
Thank you in advance.

This is my new blog : https://blogforfrance.com


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