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Help Needed Help Finding Reasonable Car Rental


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My wife and I are flying into Lisbon and spending a few days in city, then need to rent a car to use to get us close to Baiona Spain. One way rental.
Anyone have any thoughts? I have looked online and some sites seem to have a shortage of rentals available for 9/30/19. Also, it looks like driving within Spain and getting as close to Baiona but not crossing the border is much cheaper(lower drop off charges). We would then need to arrange transportation to pick our walking starting place. We haven't asked the tour company for suggestions yet, but will be doing.


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We have used Economy car rentals (another broker) many times and have been satisfied with service and rates https://www.economycarrentals.com/ . Generally we've been provided a car from Enterprise
The closest you'll get while still in Portugal will be Valenca do Mino. From there by bus to Vigo then bus to Baiona would be the public transit option.

A possible alternative would be to walk across the bridge from Valenca to Tui and negotiate a taxi ride to Baiona. It's around 30 miles.

Another one is to take a bus or train from Porto to Vigo then bus it to Baiona. The train I took from Vigo to Porto took about 2.5 hours.

As an aside, Baiona is pleasant town.


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