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Here's a Needle in a Haystack Question

Aussie Greg

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This is a photo I found in an article some time ago on Tuscany.
My question is: Does anyone recognise where it may have been taken?
Like I said....needle in a haystack....added with 'you must be joking!'
Regards Aussie Greg


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I’d say that’s Val d’Orcia but don’t know precisely where.
Maybe some others who live there will chime in.


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Hi Greg - never been to Tuscany, but I have had good experiences with official Italian tourism offices in Piemonte. I think that if no one knows for sure here, you could write to the official Tuscany tourism site, and they just might be happy to oblige.

Aussie Greg

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Thanks for replying guys/gals(?) Turns out 'ncp' you are right.....hidden by the rain is Monte Amiata.
Now just need to do some intense Google Map Street view hunting and find that winding track.
Will post more when I can. Attached is another photo from Google Image search of Monte Amiata

Aussie Greg

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Certainly is 'Just Travel'....many thanks. Can't seem to get anywhere with the links tho'.
Will see if I can get any further with it. AG

Sharon J

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Please forgive me for intruding on your question,. However, we just returned from our 12th trip to Tuscany, and noticed how often we would see a single one of these trees standing in the middle of fields, etc. My husband I began to wonder if there was some significance in each of these lonely trees. Perhaps, a marker? Or just random for no apparent reason?


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Greg, if you do manage to find the spot, please let us know - I've been doing some searching myself, and haven't been successful. The hills in the background (in the pic in your original post) could be the ones between Selvena and Castell'Azzara?

Sharon J. - from what I've read, cypress trees in Tuscany were probably planted around the smaller fields as windbreakers, and anywhere else just for the beauty. Although planting a hardy and beautiful tree beside a certain landmark (holy place, building, crossroads, etc.) is a common tradition in many countries. Cypress also has a great smell.

Aussie Greg

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Hi Sharon J and Joe. Thanks for replying. (My wife and I anticipate being in this region around June 2020)
Have been scouring Google streetview and satellite, trying to work from orientation of Monte Amiata, without success. Will try in relation to your suggestion.
I found another photo of the track taken almost from the same spot. This photo is more recent, and what appears to be a fence in the background of the photo I originally posted is in fact a line of (likely) Cypress trees which have grown slightly
I add in here this is an 'iStock' Getty image and I have no relationship with this company.
I am thinking of asking if they include meta data including GPS coordinates, and will buy the photo if they do and pass it on.
In the meantime, will keep on scouring Google Maps.


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This also looks like the second photo you posted, which you said came up on a search for Monte Amiata - however it is a different point, "De Cypresses Gladiator".
I think that it's not possible to take the name of the area attached to the photo as always accurate, which will make finding your site even more difficult. But it seems that it is indeed most probably in Val d'Orcia. How many long lines of cypresses like that can there be? ;)


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I hope I'm wrong, but I'm afraid that's still not the place - at least not the place that Greg showed in his first post. It indeed looks like the photo he showed in his second post, but that was not necessarily the place he was looking for, just another image from the area of Monte Amiata. In the first photo, it seems that the buildings are not as elevated as in the photos of the agriturismo, and if you enlarge the first photo, it looks like the buildings are also not the same.
But again, I hope I'm wrong... :)



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Aussie Greg

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Really appreciate all the effort by everyone. I've spent hours and hours examining Google Satellite view, and cannot find the point. It certainly seem that the area around Zoecat's suggestion is the most likely, But I can't nail it.
Will have to come back to this task in a while.
Thanks and regards AG.


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The place is a bit similar - even has those electric poles on the north side - but still not it, afaik. Either they decided to use a stock photo as well, or else it's in the surroundings - but at a glance I can't see where...

Aussie Greg

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Anne.....neat idea of yours. Must find out how to do that reverse search.
It appears to me that this image is used by people on their website to be representative of a 'Magic Tuscan' scene as opposed to a scene specific to the Website subject.
Interestingly, I had picked out that Agriturismo place as a possible place to stay on our next trip.
It may well be where I found the picture in the first place!
I google aerial searched that Agriturismo just in case, but cannot make the photo 'fit' the scenery.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Regards AG.

Aussie Greg

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Thanks to the people at Getty Images/iStock.
I asked them if they would contact the photographer and last night I received a reply with the GPS coordinates: 43.222524, 11.343636 ……. enter exactly that (in Google Maps), including the comma and space in between the 2 numbers. [When I post this, only the first set of numbers is being highlighted. You have to enter both sets of numbers]
I think the exact position is a few meters (or yards) out. More likely Google maps small error.

Off to the approx. '1 o'clock' direction is the Agriturismo Gli Archi di Corsanello (http://www.gliarchidicorsanello.it/) If you go to their website you will see another version of this wonderful photo in the main series at the top of their home page.

I would like to thank the people at Getty images/iStock, for their help in finding this location.

Hope fellow forum members have enjoyed the challenge.
Regards AG. :)


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