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Hertz rental FCO


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Any ideas why Hertz price via Auto Europe broker for mini/economy class is $1000 cheaper than any other agency for FCO pickup and return April 30-June1 ($879 zero deductible vs $1870 for next lowest offer)? Should I be suspicious?


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When I go to the Hertz site, I'm seeing a similar low rate as quoted for Hertz on the Auto Europe site for that class car. Looks like a deal.


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Thanks, Alpinista. I wasn’t questioning whether the offer actually exists, but whether when a company underprices the others by so much, are there typically hidden charges that aren’t immediately visible, or just how to account for it. Is Hertz out of favor these days? Since it’s through Auto Europe the deal certainly seems legit and I’ve booked it knowing I can cancel (for $75 cancellation fee).


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I had a good rate from Avis for our 6 week trip in June/July and then had to redo it when we decided to take a week's side trip to Berlin. Having two contracts (one for two weeks; another for 3) almost doubled the cost. I took a look at one of the segments and base rate was $1,600 and then another $480 for "fees and taxes". Of that, $307 was for a "surcharge".


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Since it’s through Auto Europe the deal certainly seems legit and I’ve booked it knowing I can cancel (for $75 cancellation fee).
BTW, the cancellation fee is only if you cancel less than 48 hours before pick-up. Otherwise cancellation is free. I just booked with them a while ago, so I made sure about this.

I'm still hoping to find a better deal, but it seems that prices are just going up all the time. I was hoping that somehow the rental companies would be fixing things after the Covid crisis - in which apparently they got rid of huge amounts of cars - and that prices would return to something similar to pre-Covid, what with the renewed demand for travel. I guess that won't happen....
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