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Hertz vs Avis


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We are picking up our rental car at FCO and returning it to Rome Termini a week later after our stay in San Gusme. Does anyone have a preference between Hertz and Avis? We have always used Auto Europe before, but have recently heard of long lines at some of the agencies they assign you to at FCO. Last time, we rented through Auto Europe and we were assigned Maggiore - took forever to get our car at FCO. This time, we thought we would just "pick our poison" ourselves. We are currently not preferred members of either of these companies, but may join once we decide on the company. The rates for each are comparable.
Last car I rented, Dec 2016, was through Avis and I had no issues. I've used different rental companies over the years at FCO and never really had any issues. Part of that maybe since I rarely travel during peak times.


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Last time I booked through Auto Europe at an airport, I missed the fine print notice that the Hertz quote did not include the airport surcharge (but that may be different now), while the other companies did. On the other hand, I've liked renting with zero deductible insurance, which I think on AE bookings is not offered by Avis.

As I reread this, it looks like you're thinking of booking directly with the companies because "of the agencies [Auto Europe] assign to you," but on the AE site you can see which company they use for a booking, and choose to use Hertz or Avis through them. In spite of a disappointing customer service experience after my last rental, I like using AE or Kemwel for inclusive quotes: make sure a quote directly from the company includes the same things.


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Very good advice, Andrew! I need to take another look at all quotes and compare the fine print, inclusions and exclusions in order to make an educated decision. My husband always does the rental car while I take care of all other planning...he has always done a fine job. But this time, he has asked me to check into getting the car, so I need to get up to speed on the differences between quotes.
We had always been happy with Auto Europe in the past. But, on our last Italy rental, they switched us at the last minute to Maggiore. We were not concerned at the time, since they are partnered with National. But the counter service was so slow and rather rude...the car was fine though, so I guess not really a significant complaint.
I can remember reading on the old site that it seemed like many people had problems with Hertz. There were complaints about damage claims and fuel charges as I recall. We lease now, but the last time I rented in 2012 it was with Sixt and had no problems.


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I can remember reading on the old site that it seemed like many people had problems with Hertz. There were complaints about damage claims and fuel charges as I recall. We lease now, but the last time I rented in 2012 it was with Sixt and had no problems.
We always rent from Sixt when we fly to Heathrow...they are very good there. But we have never used them in Italy.


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I prefer Sixt at FCO. I've used them in Italy and the US when they meet my needs/requirements. I have never had a problem.
Hmmm..I think I will check them out and see what they quote. The problem might be our returning the car to Termini rather than FCO.


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It looks like Sixt uses a different garage at Termini: they say they close at 4 on Saturday but offer a 24-hour return. I would understand a reluctance to do an after-hours return. They also have a location at the Villa Borghese garage, closing at 1 with a 24-hour return.
The last two times I rented from at FCO it was from Hertz (through Kemwel or Autoeurope), it was a nightmare. It took ages to get waited on although there were few people waiting. Both times they tried to "upgrade" me to a huge vehicle and an automatic, neither of which I wanted. Luckily, I recognized the vehicles as being way to large for my purposes. Then they had to "find" the car I had rented. They also aggressively tried to tell me I needed to pay for chains for my car - it was the end of March and the temperatures were forecast in the 70's in Orvieto where I was going. There was more but you get the idea. I chose Hertz because they were so much less expensive than the other options but I'm not sure the aggravation was worth it.
Just an FYI when driving in regions that require snow tires or chains into April:


"Hertz offers vehicles equipped with snow chains in the following Italian regions: Valle D’Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Lazio (in selected cities and locations), Abruzzo, Molise, Campania (in selected cities and locations) and Basilicata.

In these regions, all vehicles are automatically equipped with snow chains for an additional fee of € 1.83 (including tax) per day with a maximum of € 27.45 (including tax) per rental. This price is included in your rental charges under the item Winterisation Fee.

If the snow chains are not returned a fee of € 73.20 (including tax) will be applied.

Please note that if your rate includes the Winterisation Fee you do NOT need to add the snow chains as extra as this equipment is already included in your reservation with the relevant fee. Please check your rate for all inclusions and charges."


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