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Hi from California!

Discussion in 'Arrivals' started by Brad C. Hodson, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Brad C. Hodson

    Brad C. Hodson New Member

    Hi everyone! Another user here from SlowTrav. I'm a writer living in Los Angeles who loves to travel, doesn't do it nearly enough, and may be obsessed with Italy to an unhealthy degree.
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  2. Ian Sutton

    Ian Sutton 500+ Posts

    Norwich, UK
    No, that's not possible :cool::D
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  3. KItty Martin

    KItty Martin New Member

    Hi Brad I'm also a writer based in LA with an incurable addiction to Italy. I go there every Sept and obsess for 3 weeks. I'll soon be applying for my dual citizenship so I can just stay there for as long as the weather is good. If you need any tips, details or unique 'finds' feel free to contact me. I have a blog about cool things to do in LA, and soon will launch one about Italy.

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