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Hi to everyone!

Discussion in 'Arrivals' started by Mary Hinkley, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Mary Hinkley

    Mary Hinkley New Member

    I love to travel to out of the way places in the US and Europe. This year I am focused on an extended trip to Italy. We plan to stay in Lucca and just experience day to day Italy
  2. jan

    jan 100+ Posts

    Welcome Mary! So glad to see you here.
  3. PokeyMindy

    PokeyMindy 100+ Posts

    Hi Mary! I've never been to Lucca but it's definitely a place I know I would love. I'm heading Siena for 1 week at the end of Sept. then a week in Positano. I can't wait!! :dancingcow: Welcome to SlowEurope :)

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