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Information Home Monitoring While You're Away


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I mentioned this over at Slowtalk and thought it would be worth mentioning here. There are numerous IP cameras available from numerous sources, ie, Amazon, NewEgg, TigerDirect...etc..., starting at under a $100 usd. IP cameras allow you to monitor the interior or exterior of your house over the internet while you're away.

I bought a couple of D-Link 5029L IP camera for $149.99 usd. It has pan and tilt, audio, 720P HD video, digital zoom and video recording on a micro SD card. Setup was extremely simple. You can use either WiFi or a patch cord to your network. You download a D-Link program, it finds the camera on your network and then you register it with D-Link. You can then download their mobile application and monitor your house from your phone or tablet, or use their mydlink webpage with your laptop.

Here's a picture of me actual using it over the internet:



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I've been thinking about doing this. I think it would give me peace of mind to see our entrance hall. Currently I can see the heating system online (Nest) - so I see what temperature the house is and can turn on the heat when we are coming home - and I can see what my vacuum is doing (Roomba) - I have it clean the upstairs the day before we return. Our neighbors are very close and one of them comes in every couple of days to move the mail, so I don't have any real worries about the house, but I have been thinking of a webcam. I didn't realize you could make them move!

Yours is a cat-cam!


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I don't want to see what my cats are up to! It would make me nervous and homesick, I think. We do have a security system w/cameras outside, but none inside. Usually we have someone staying there, and that might just be weird.


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Similar to a home pet cam -- When I board my dog, I choose a kennel with a webcam. After this last trip, I no longer feel it's necessary. It makes me long for her, worry about her, more than necessary. She's comfortable and happy with the people (she kisses them when I drop her off) and they post photos of all the dogs, nearly every day, on FaceBook.

My neighborhood has been heavily targeted by daytime break-ins. I've lived here two years and haven't been a victim.

Here are the precautions I've taken, traveling or not --
  • alarm system and a company who will call me if it's triggered
  • OUTSIDE cameras (which I don't check while traveling since no alarms have been triggered)
  • signs and decals indicating I have alarms, cameras, and dogs
  • motion-sensor lights
  • I have two vehicles, so one is always in the driveway
  • shrubbery in the front trimmed so that no one can hide while forcing open a window
  • deck and fence gates with bells ("bear" bells from REI) that ring when the latches are raised
  • most precious (in memories) jewelry is in a bank safe deposit box
When traveling, I have someone check my house every few days. The neighbors on either side and across the street are aware of my travel dates and invited to park any extra cars in my driveway instead of the street. I have the post office hold all my mail. All of my news subscriptions are electronic, not paper.

When home, and my dog is home -- she's a deterrent as her bark is much bigger than her sixteen-pound size.

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