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I have a problem and need help

I’ve been on Slow Travel since it’s start and you’ve all been great. We’ve rented houses via VRBO for many years and have had very good results. We’re now planning a trip to Puglia in 2019 and have done the groundwork. We’ve found a house via Home Away which is a partner with VRBO. We’ve communicated with an agency on their site called Rive Del Salento. We’ve gone back and forth although quite slowly in terms of their responses. We, very recently, thought we finalized everything in terms of our dates and sent a wire transfer for our deposit. We keep asking if they’ve received this deposit multiple times. No response. Since Expedia has purchased VRBO and thus Home Away so much has chNged. HELP! What should we do now ? Suggestions please!
If you haven't done so, I'd try contacting them directly through their site or Facebook page :

Generally speaking, I believe it's always better, if there is the option, to work directly with an accommodation, and not through mediators of any kind. I even offer this to AirBnB rental owners, once I get their contact info. The first time it doesn't work, but after we get to know each other, it can be considered. Both sides gain if the mediator doesn't get a cut.
Aw shucks, folks - just trying to help the Lilliputians...;)

As much as I like the way AirBnB has revolutionized the accommodation industry, I hate the fact that no contact information can be exchanged through the site. Really, what percent of the hosts or guests would be willing to undertake the business transaction on the first stay, without the backing of a secure and reliable platform, that AirBnB felt the need to block the passage of this information? Quite small I'd think, and certainly not a serious threat to the model. They could always remove an accommodation that doesn't get enough traffic through them - which is essentially what they're doing now, with the way they display the options.

Instead of this, you get a "Big Brother is watching you" effect, which is not a good background to all the hype about a "sharing economy".

Out of the four times we've used AirBnB, there's only one apt. we'd consider returning to, and I've requested and received the owners' private e-mail at the end of our stay. Next time I will try and see if he's open to the idea that we do business directly without using the site. I suggest that anyone who uses the site try this as well.
EdnaK did you book directly with them or through HomeAway? I think that both options are still possible... I'd say that contacting the accommodation directly, as Joe suggested, is the way to go if you didn't already... tell me if you need me to translate something into Italian or call them.


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